Darker Nights (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

Darker nights,

And only but flashes of light.

Drops of rain,

Bits of joy and bits of pain,

Strokes of ink,

And thoughts to think.

Words to write and unwrite;

Oh how dark this night…

By : Phanuel Ayelum.


Help, I think I’m falling out of love.

I don’t know how to explain it,

Everything happened so quickly.

It was about three or four in the morning, when I heard you say you loved her.

When you asked her to wait for you at our favourite café to have breakfast with you.

Then you told her that I will never find out…

Nobody else will…

You kissed me good morning.

I made us breakfast, pancakes and coffee,your favourite. You left to meet a business partner. At least that’s what you told me.

So you went to her house got all comfy and died in her bed an hour later.

That’s all I know.

The Beauty Within

The glare of light cut right through her fears and exposed a self that she did not want the world to know.

Her incompleteness was finally mended.

Even though the cracks in her face can still be seen, a new beauty shines from within.

I’ve got a place within myself that screams acceptance. That means I no longer have to suppress any part of myself for each of my characteristics are meant to coexist in order for me to thrive.

I enjoy sharing bits and pieces of this journey with you, I hope you find as edifying as I have.

Thanks for the love and support

Tessie ❤️


Love me slowly day by day and night after night.

Hold me tightly as you walk me through the dark.

Be my light My night in shining armour. Don’t hold it in Breathe it out, the passion that you feel brewing within.

Carry me gently with words of kindness, my heart is too fragile so let it down easy Scream it out if you have to.

I love you as much as that.


I had always been that girl that never believed she was beautiful, no matter how many times my mama told me I was.I was thought was defined by having a perfect body, A charming smile,Flawless hair and cute laughter. I hid myself from light because I thought I didn’t deserve the “attention “.

It was not until, I sat in the school auditorium when I got to learn what true beauty was. She spoke softly, Yet I could feel the impact of every word.

She said, “beauty is a strong force that burns within us”

“it is an energy that can only be felt in truth “

“true beauty is who you are despite your brokeness “

“it is not perfect, neither are you “

“so wear it like a crown “

“let it tilt if it has to but don’t you let anyone convince you don’t possess it”

“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and herself only.” – MayaAngelou

I in art (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

My violin 

Is a tool

With which I make my emotions 

More audible to you 

My pencil 

Is a wand

For placing my imagination 

Magically before my hand

My keyboard 

Is the technology 

That allows me to plug my thoughts

Into your mind effectively 

And my pen 

Is a mirror 

That allows me to see myself in writing 

Ever so clearer

My art is an extension 

Of my very being…

By : Phanuel Ayelum

Double bound (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

When it comes to love;

We will always bleed.

We will always have,

Yet we will always need.

When it comes to hate;

We will always lose –

For we will seal our gates,

Into the darkness we’ll choose.

By : Phanuel Ayelum.


Mirror mirror, on the wall.

Look through my eyes and show me my soul, a side of myself that I do not know.

Mirror mirror, standing tall

Tell me the secrets that you know.

Who is the strongest of them all? In a battle where the greatest men of war, like snow, fall

Show me the flaws of the rules that govern us all.

Mirror mirror, I need to know.

What will happen when all else fails?

When our walls fall, will we like others not know who to call?

Please answer me and I will ask no more.

Will my brothers have a chance to be fathers ?

Mirror mirror, I wish you could stay longer just to show me all that you know, but for now that will be all.

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