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The beauty in poetry

Writing is artistic. This simple phrase is what drives the written studios family. Writing is awesome and amazing. Poetry is only but a blade of grass in this diverse field of written art.

Poetry however has this distinctive touch that makes it drive thoughts in one’s own mind. Thoughts that very often wouldn’t be triggered by the individual.

Here’s a poem I wrote at an attempt to describe this feeling.

Lyrical Odyssey

It keeps happening,

It’s like music without a symphony.

Yet still in this rhythm, I am transcending,

Through a thrilling lyrical Odyssey.

It’s an adventure in my own mind,

It’s like a storm with subtle tranquility.

On a sea of words unique in their kind,

An amazing lyrical Odyssey.

It’s a wind with nothing blowing,

Often mistaken for verbal fantasy.

It’s the amazing feeling,

Of a lyrical Odyssey!

By Phanuel Ayelum.

That’s my attempt, please do leave your thoughts and comments. Let’s learn from each other. When we can’t say it, let’s write it!


Published by Phanuel Ayelum

Written Studios is about our belief in the power of written art. We love to write and publish our work which includes short reads, long stories, poems and many other articles. Tag along and get amazed by the talent in our artists here at Written Studios.

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