dark rose(diaries to my-lost-self)

seconds after you were gone, I felt a storm raging in my heart. little did I know that I had lost the love I had known.

seconds into minutes and the peace that was in my soul fled. a thousand voices played in my head and I don’t know which one it is I heard but through it all my spirit bled and on my fears these tears fed.

minutes turned into hours and the world that was once was ours became sour. every sweet memory had faded. I was to plant like we do to the flowers.

the hours became days and my nightmares came to play.”time will heal you.”, they say but how long will this heart keep aching? how long will this soul cry? how long will this spirit be broken. “give your heart some time.”, they tell me but it feels like the clock stopped ticking when your heart stopped beating.

days into weeks, I must say, I feel really weak. so much that I can bearly speak and with every blink the darkness gets thick. please break me out of this shell ,this living hell! sometimes I feel like I have been hexed under this spell. trapped with the enemy in the same cell. I might just put my self up sale.

this are the crazy thoughts that go through my mind

Published by tessiestrawberry

A lover of art 💜💜

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