Grammarlanche (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

I keep finding myself-

Crashed in this

Thoughtless thought of thoughtlessness.

Perhaps if I’d thought less,

Eased my brain of the stress,

Things wouldn’t have come to this.

I’m thinking of words;

Words I can craft into phrases,

Phrases I can craft into metaphor,

And just when I thought I had it all together-

My mind freezes!

And I haven’t anything to blame the weather for,

Yet the thoughtless thoughts come crashing down further

In a catastrophic


I’m looking for links;

Links I can wove into fibers,

Fibers I can use to bridge

Into the hearts of my readers-

But then oh my,

London bridge comes falling down,

And I’m back to where it all began,

in thoughtless town.

Back to frosted thoughts,

Seemingly getting colder.

And I can see my thoughts come crashing down on me,

A lot like Sisyphus and his boulder.

Covered in iced thoughts, I blanch;

As I fall into a comma-

and hook the look of a question mark,

Onto my Grammarlanche!

By: Phanuel Ayelum.

Published by Phanuel Ayelum

Written Studios is about our belief in the power of written art. We love to write and publish our work which includes short reads, long stories, poems and many other articles. Tag along and get amazed by the talent in our artists here at Written Studios.

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