Once upon a time.

Once upon a time, there was a time when the older folk built the younger folk with a little folk. I remember when grandma had grandpa would sit us down and tell us stories, beautiful, amazing tales of the monkey and the lion, the hare and the king, the princess and the beast, the tortoise and the hare and many other interesting tales. I sit back and think of how this culture has gone extinct because once upon a time it was what altered how we are to think. I guess we didn’t Arnold to terminate it .

our generation is filled with more “I ” than “we”, every core value of unity has turned into the backbone of our social divinity. Once upon a time we had face to face conversations with our loved ones and now we just book a face on an instant space and wait for little tweet to see if they know what’s up! I pin all this up Once upon a time, man made machine and now the machine alters man’s train of thought . Once upon a time we spoke with the words of our own but now we use memes to describe ourselves .Once upon a time we gave more help to the needy, all we do to today is like and share .What happened to sharing what you really have to assist someone? Once upon a time our parents paid attention to us and now they pay data companies to gain attention. Once upon a time the clock ticked and life had a meaning ,take me back to that time that once was.

Published by tessiestrawberry

A lover of art 💜💜

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