just another love story.

In the beginning it was sugar and rainbows. Nothing, absolutely nothing could go wrong. Everything about Jaden was perfectly imperfect. He always had a full coffee mug in his hand and rarely spoke. He was an artistic mess but no other soul could captivate Mia like he did. He was shy,a bit of nerd in some way. The world, well his world was cold and quiet until she came along and brought warmth into his cold world . Mia was a loud , quirky ,warm-hearted , bright-eyed , cheerful woman . She loved the camera, she loved attention. It was that element of her character that he loved most about her and he loved to give it to her. She danced her way into his heart and he painted his love in her eyes.

They were two peas in a pod.Everthing was going well until one August morning . the door bell rung and missed immediately rushed to see who it was . On right they on their front door was a baby boy in a basket. Attached to the basket was note that read; “I had fun at the festival, here’s a souvenir. Lots of love, Carrie. ” Just like that their little world of sugar and rainbows crumbled like a cookie under a shoe.

She couldn’t bear his dishonesty. She couldn’t live with knowing that he loved another and life sprung fourth from a secret relationship, she packed her bags and left a note for him that read ;” I’m sorry but my heart has bled enough. ” As she made her way to the door, she gave the little boy one last glance and it was at that moment when their eyes met that she she noticed that this little boy was a spitting image of the man she loved .He was a reflection of Jaden, his eyes ,his curly thick black hair and his nose. With eyes full of tears, she picked up the boy and held him to her chest. As he felt her beat she felt him become part of her life. She called him Carmine because he was a song of how love could be bent but never broken all little .

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