It’s an unusual disorder that has become a usual item on my agenda. I can’t slip a pill of sleep down my pocket after the clock strikes ten. No matter how hard I try to ride on this train it doesn’t go ‘choo-choo’ on these tracks. As everyone else goes to sleep, I awaken with the moon and the stars. I feel so connected with the energy of the night, I barely have a fright of what it would bring. What will I do to get some beauty rest that I deserve? I have counted sheep ,exsauhsted every conversation I possibly could ,played every symphony to sooth my nerves and thought every happy thought I could think of all to no avail. My eyes won’t shut .I feel a rush of energy running through my blood stream I could bolt through an insane number of marathons. Every warm cup of milk feels like a giant of coffee with sixteen spoons of sugar. I start to see the sun rise and new begins .

Published by tessiestrawberry

A lover of art 💜💜

6 thoughts on “Insomia¡

  1. Its like you were talking about me here 😂
    I too suffer !! but currently m trying meditation .. let’s see if it can help .. 🍀


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