Like a phoenix rises from the ashes so does she rise from the flames on a warm October night brushing the dust off her shoulders . She moves with so much glory despite the bruses on her body .

Her skin although scared still glows brighter the sun and her eyes tell the story of the battle that she is fighting, the mountain that she is not climbing but fighting to stay on. The burns on her face give you the details of her travels and all she has done.

With every day that goes by she sees the end of her battle but she refuses to surrender. You can see from the flame that glows in her eyes that she is a fighter and seeks not your sympathy .

She walks through the darkest the valley fearing nothing at all because fear knows her no more. Or maybe fear feels sorry to her ; a woman that has chosen to face her gaints head on. She knows that one day she will fall like before her did. But when she falls she is certain she will fall gloriously because she lived.

Every morning she whispers to herself ‘ the sun shines for no dead man.’

Published by tessiestrawberry

A lover of art 💜💜

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