I have been up all night until morning, thinking of any way I could describe you. One so divine, so loving, merciful, kind and just . There is not an amount of words that could fully describe who you are because you are ‘I Am’.

You are every breath, every step, every song that the birds sing, every beat of my heart.

You are Rohi. The name that my breath calls with every inhale and exhale . Rohi! The kind Shepherd that leads me to the green pasture. Rohi! My unexpected peace of mind in times of distress. Rohi ! The hand that holds me as I walk in the darkest valley . Rohi! My comfort, my Sheild and my exceeding reward at the end of the race. He is Rohi , the good Shepherd .

Published by tessiestrawberry

A lover of art 💜💜

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