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Procrastinators Tale (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

I can’t do it;

I just can’t.

I know I must

But I really can’t.

It’s like the entire objective,

Is surrounded by a force field

Held tall with mediocrity;

And into procrastination I yield.

A ticking clock,

A rising sun.

Goals must be met

Before the day is done.

I set out to work;

With an excellent start.

Visualising nothing

But the goal at heart.

Highly motivated;

Filled with inspiration.

And I’m suddenly befriended

By procrastination.

Incomplete work;

Right before my eyes.

I cushion my mind with excuses

And tell myself lies.

Postponed progress;

I’ll do it tomorrow.

Tomorrow turns to yesterday,

Until it was months ago.


Is clearly a bad friend.

But he’s got to me so deep

That I procrastinate on making this friendship end!

A lot of my poems;

Are still incomplete.

This is a spirit

I must defeat.

I would finish this poem;

And doom this friendships fate.

Or I might as well as just,


By : Phanuel Ayelum.


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