#044. Breaking out of the broken. ( letters to Carmy)

See I didn’t want to walk the tight rope. I was too scared to fall like I had fallen many times before. I couldn’t let go because you were all I told myself I had.

All the time in the world would never be enough for me to fix what I had broken. For long I had sang the song of procrastination, telling myself I will get to tomorrow. But when tomorrow came I was still laying on my back and not making the slightest effort to pick myself up. I said I will wait for a saviour to rescue me. So I laid there on the floor and awaited a saviour who I did not call.

My love, my light, my joy, my life, you took it all. I begged for you to stay but you had already made up your mind. So I asked if you could you take me with you , just to spare me grief. You turned to me and said, “if we both go, MJ won’t have anyone to sit with in the dark.”

So I stayed because it is what you wanted and even though my heart aches it will not break for the love that we shared still holds it together❤

Published by tessiestrawberry

A lover of art 💜💜

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