I ran away from the pain and from my fears into your arms I found my solace. I got rid of the addiction that I assumed would end me and replaced by you.

Little by little and bit by bit, you lured me into your cave of deceit. I let you in on my weakness and you turned them into a weapon against me.

I wish I knew you better before I gave my all to you. I feel so stupid for letting myself trust a stranger.

I was broken.

I ran to you in an attentional state and you sugar coated your poisonous self with your cloying nature and like a fool, I fell for you.

In time I realized the truth, you had other intentions. I grew a strong feeling of hatred for you, yet I was still madly in love with you. I wished for your demise and yearned for your caress at the same time. You became my drug.

You blew a mist of a four-letter-word into my eyes and blinded me from the truth. I lost my identity in our entanglement. I’m left with nothing but broken esteem, completely undone from what I thought was a fine romance.

A song of dulcet words have me down my knees with my shoulders lowered and my head bowed begging you for mercy.

Release me.

Published by tessiestrawberry

A lover of art 💜💜

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