Walking the tight rope

Chapter three

It had been a month since we found out I was pregnant and three weeks after the tests were taken. The baby was growing quickly, I was already down five months.

Everything that was happening was so extraordinary, on one day Charlie and I felt the baby kick. I started to have weird cravings and sleeplessness nights. It was late on a Tuesday afternoon when the doctor called for us.

The moment of truth had finally arrived, I was scared. Charles on the other hand, was as cool as cucumber. Yet, I knew he was burning with anxiety as much as I was on the inside.

“Don’t worry”, he whispered to me. And for some reason that me a certain level of comfort.

The doctor came in and apologized for keeping us waiting and jumped straight into business. I was told I could be to carry the baby and that I was treatment after I give birth. It wasn’t the best news and neither was it the worst.

The festive season was approaching. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. A lot had happened in the last three months, Charles had lost his father and I had a number of complications during my second trimester.

In spite of all that we were still happy we had each other. We planned to spend that Christmas together, just the two of us.

Carol, Charles’ aunt booked us a two vacation in the Maldives.

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