Walking the tight rope


Charles and I had been dating for seven years.

We first met at an after party during fashion week, in Kenya. He worked for Nkani magazine in Zambia and I was one of the models. He came to my table and asked why I was alone , I told him I didn’t have any friends to talk to. He laughed and said I was funny then later asked if he join me. Normally, I wouldn’t have stayed or better still, allowed to sit with him but there was just something about his eyes that made me curious to know the story behind them. They were blue beautiful round eyes. I mean it’s not every day you get to see a fair skinned African man with blue eyes.

-“Charles Moét, and you are?”

For second there I forgot my name. He just smiled and waited for me to say something. I quickly jumped back to my senses and introduced myself, “Tiana Amaya Louis”

We chatted all night and he got to me the story behind his eyes. Turns out his mother was an albino. He said during his childhood, people teased him a lot about it.

He went on to ask me why I have European names when clearly, I’m African. Well, my biological parents worked for a British couple in Kenya. My mother was a housekeeper and my father a driver. When my mother was eight months pregnant with me, my father was involved in a road traffic accident on his back from taking his employer’s children to work. When my mother heard of the tragic event she was devastated and got into induced labour. I was born three days after my father’s death and my mother died two months after due to depression. I was then adopted by the British family my parents worked for.

After that night, Charles and I became good friends.

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