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Those Sad begging eyes

He stared at me like for some reason I knew what he wanted. When all I could see were these little begging eyes whose desires I was clueless of. My first assumption was that he was hungry and maybe he needed a slice of bread or some money. It was extremely cold outside and I thought he could use a blanket to provide him some warmth. However, I was wrong. The little boy remained silent the whole time and only his eyes spoke. It was almost like he was letting me in to soul. I got closer and reached my hand out to him in hopes of establishing a friendship unfortunately, the little angel was terrified. I bet he had never had anyone try to be nice to him. Then it hit me like lightning on a stormy day, his soul wasn’t in need of material, it was in need of love.
I felt like a jack ass for thinking that best gift I could offer to this child was a pair of shoes. He didn’t need no damn shoes! He was longing for love.
That warm fuzzy feeling inside us that the fuels our joy, our God given identity for that is what our father is. The greatest gift of all.
Without any hesitation I smiled at him and reached out both of my hands and pulled him closer to me.

Because once upon a time when everything was lost, love was all that I could ask for.


Published by tessie

I am everything that I choose to be but above all, I am a storyteller, a lover art in it's many forms. I am an artist as much as I am a work of art. I will always cherish this passion for it is who I am.

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