I walked through the a dark scary hallway last night, I had no idea why, but I kept following him blindly. He said he had something to show me in the atrium of the castle. Once we got there I was all alone with her, my greatest fear. She stood right in front of me and smiled. The funny thing is that I could see her tears over her smile. It irks me that she is me. She is my imperfect self ;my judgemental, envious, devious, self righteous and jealous self.
At the first encounter she looks confident and fearless but the truth is that she is a coward filled with resentment and anger. She delights in the failure of others because it gives her a sense of validation. She is bitter and runs away from her truth.
Even though all that she desires to be loved infinitely despite her faults. Therefore , she fights herself every single day in order to defeat her and surrender to Love.
Love comes to make her perfect, love comes to grant her peace. Love has carries her shame and trades it it for excellence . Love defeats her flaws and her weakness as it rises with her from the pits of death like the morning sun bring healing, strength, joy and peace that is beyond all human understanding.
Love has beautified and made her new.

Published by tessiestrawberry

A lover of art 💜💜

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