Can we be friends?

Podemos ser amigas? (Spanish)
Peut-on etre amis?(French)
Possiamo essere amci?(Italian)
Kodi ti nga kale abwenzi?(nyanja)
Singaba abangane?(ZULU)

One day when the night calls and darkness covers the land, I hope you’ll be there with me to hold my hand till the morning comes.
I hope that when that day comes, you and I would have been able to bury our differences and focus on the growth of our souls together. I hope you will be able to trust me as much as trust you because I want to be your friend forever.
Share your joy with me, your sorrows too. I promise to listen to you without judgement and provide the comfort that you need.
Let me explore the words written in your secret pages. You could study me too if you like, I don’t really mind.
The blossoming of our friendship, should build you a safe place that you escape to whenever the world’s chaos gets to you.
Whenever you feel like you need me remember that I’m never too far from you. Just hold me close to your heart and I will be there in flash, right after I get a ride from the flash.
So, I’ll ask you again, can we be friends?

“Can we be friends?” This has been the toughest question I ever asked a stranger and that’s why when I do, I make sure I’m sure of my discision. As 2021 unfolds I keep learning on how to build better and stronger relationships, something that has been a real challenge for me.

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Ser feliz

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