Prophecies made way back in the ville
You have to live them to feel them
If you didn’t you wouldn’t get them,
See what the big deal is walking the borderline of your limits.

But then I thought back! Back to a better me
My only regret was never having any regret in me
Being my own warrior I fought
But living like a renegade is what I sought
Don’t save me I don’t want to be saved.

Going forth and having no fear
I am an underdog, I am the new kid
I am an outlaw, I am a cool breeze
It’s my time to make a move
It’s my time to make the rules
I begin!

Right now I’m like a calabash, deep but usually holding nothing
I am a something of a great one thing
Like a banana squeezed from its peel,
I somehow manage to slip out of doomed things.

Standing in the midst of a hundred thousand
Dynamite of C4 strapped around my waist
I blow up into an overnight sensation with much haste
This shit is random I didn’t get lucky.

Lonely nights I laid awake
Pray the lord my soul to take
My hearts’ become too cold to break
I know am great but am broke as hell
All my life I’ve been told to wait
But I’m going to get it now, yes no debate!
Written by:
Double O

As a lover of art, I couldn’t resist sharing this piece of poetry written by a very good friend of mine, Double O. Please feel free to share and like this piece if you liked it.

Ser feliz ♥️

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