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What Ever it takes


I needed more… I needed to feel like that again. Like nothing could stop me. I was all the way up above cloud nine, I was invincible but only for a little while.

In that little while, my emotions had journeyed off to a different setting where I finally felt like someone. I wasn’t afraid of the spotlight, I wanted to be seen, to be heard. It didn’t matter who said what only what I said and how I felt. It started out as just fun and games, a no strings attached kind of arrangement. But it was all a scam. I got hooked on the first fix and as I felt the ecstasy rush through my viens it was crystal clear that you were ‘it’, that lit little ‘something’I needed.

I swore that I wasn’t going to lose this new found attachment for anything, no matter what it costed. I didn’t care what the cost would be, I was willing to pay.

I refilled by the hour and each day felt better than the last and my craving grew insatiable.

” More… ” that’s all I could say. “I want more” but I couldn’t get more. I guess I achieved my goal and did whatever it costs to have as much as I could even if it cost my life.

This week the written studios is looking at the topic of addiction. ‘What Ever it Takes’ is a poetic story that looks at the journey of an addict who lost her battle. The kind of addiction is not mentioned on purpose because this is an open table topic and drugs aren’t the only thing people are addicted.

We have opened this topic to the rest of our reading community because we understand that addiction is not an easy battle and no one deserves to fight alone. Therefore, feel free to share with us your perspective on this topic. By sending us an email at

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