Between the lines

We crawled towards the end hoping to get to the edge of forever. But we forgot to anchor ourselves down, just in case we went too deep. I guess we were too caught up in the chase that we couldn’t see that night was coming.

Perhaps I was the wind that extinguished the flames of our love that burned O’so ‘so brightly. After all, I am the anxious one.

Perhaps, I was the one who’s eyes were driven by an allusion, my expectations have always been a little “too much “.

I was afraid of what forever would be, How long it will last and just how much I could take. And when the load got heavy and I couldn’t hold on, you were no where close to me. Suddenly it all made sense. You were never here in the first place, it was all in my head, the perfect picture of what it felt to be loved by you. The load got heavier and my frail arms could hold it over my shoulders any longer.

I watched the bits of me that you left fade into the wind. There was nothing left not a single trace of who I was.

“Damn! I wish someone could have warned me… If only I knew”I told myself .

but the truth is, I did . I chose to ignore it and suffer being a slave to foolish feeling, that breaks down your walls and exposes your vulnerability for these ruthless vultures to devour and all you can do is watch because you’re praying that pain fades away quickly.

Because I did…

What happens when love is just not enough? When forever doesn’t last for as long as you tho it would? Do you just say goodbye and grow apart or stay a little longer to grow together? When the tune of song changes do its words still carry the same meaning? I hope you discover what is written in between the lines of your story 💙. Like this story if you liked it and feel comment and share.

Published by tessiestrawberry

A lover of art 💜💜

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