The prayer

A prayer for you…

I close my eyes and say a prayer for my little sister that had just been sexually assualted in her own community. Please heal her broken spirit and restore her health. Wipe the tears off her mother’s eyes and comfort her from this trauma.

Teach us Lord to love just you love. Let our spirits be overcome with an unquenchable thirst to fight for each other against the evils of this world in your name. In this world filled with greed, depression, jealousy and anger, we ask that our hearts be enriched with the passion to speak for the voiceless and afraid. Send an angel to our brothers going through battles they are unable to speak of. Comfort them and drive away every cloud carrying suicidal thoughts. Finally, let your light shine on the paths of the young and old people of every race in every nation across the world. May the shattered heart see you in the darkest vallies and hear your voice in the loudest storm saying “peace be still”. In the name Jesus we have prayed, AmenπŸ™

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A lover of art πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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