I had been told that the path I have chosen was not for the fainthearted. They said I would only ever be perceived as an obstacle of justice but woe was me, whose tenacity deceived me that I was going to be the voiceless for the voiceless, an instrument of change a vital solution to the world’s injustice. I woke up everyday with the thought that I might not be back home the same person and each day I was right. Every moment in the field built up new memories that changed my entire perspective of life. I remember witnessing one of my colleagues being persecuted by the people the very people she fought to speak for. The voiceless had suddenly rose against voice, they cowardly spoke not because they were ungrateful for her help but because they were afraid of law and what it would do to them. Still she stood her ground and cried out for the justice of the people, she swore that she will not back down until their needs were heard, she let out her last breath pleading for justice to be served. I can still remember the fear and anger that sailed through my mind. How could the very people she stood for, throw under the bus like that? The dreading feeling grew inside me and the words of my past played like a broken record repeatedly announcing it told me so. The anger in me grew stronger and I wanted to prove those voices wrong, I was going to fight and stand for change even if it costed my life. And when the day arrived, I found myself face-to-face with the law pointing a gun to my head. He shouted not to shoot and that I should lower my weapon. I pleaded not to because my ‘weapon’, wasn’t threatening anyone. My ‘weapon’, wasn’t taking the lives of innocent children.My ‘weapon’ wasn’t stealing from the vulnerable. So I raised my weapon because I was tired of being puppet of the law and gave him a condition that I will only lower it when he lowers his.He said he will shoot and I said “so will I”.

In recognition of world press freedom day I thought I could share of a story looking at the life of a field working journalist. They are among the heroes that have fought for democracy and of many nations. They, along with many members of the press are an important part of history.

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