My little feet carried me far away from home, from safety and comfort. A gush of wind blew and shut my ears, all I could hear was my foolish heart straying me to the valley of misery. The grass grew thicker and taller, the air around me was as cold as the hand of death the further down I went. The darkness was so intense that I could not tell morning from night, however I kept walking despite the blisters on my feet and how much my eyes begged for rest. Moreover, I was unable to get any sleep as I was kept awake by the voices of lonely vagrant souls trapped in the winds of valley. However, it wasn’t how loud they wailed that kept me awake instead it was the dreadful thought that I might end up just like them, a lonely soul clothed in misery and heartache roaming the spaces of eternity looking for a way out. It was this same thought that kept me going, I needed to find my peace again.

Alas! A light shone through in the distance, I could feel my hope being restored once again just when I was at the brink of giving up. A zephyr cooled off my anxiety and I could hear my breath speak the name of my father once again (Ya-weh). My ears were open to his voice that called out so gently and yet authoritively. my heart beat to the sound of his voice. “I home”, I said to my soul, “I am well”.

It’s a new month and I am still trusting God for more and more beautiful days ❤️. It’s never too late to come back home because it was always be the same.

Psalm 73:24

I’m on a lifetime journey of discovery and it will be a great privilege to have you join me by letting me know your thoughts in the comments section or you can contact via at nandi.tessy@tessiestrawberry. Like this story if you liked it and feel free to share too❤️

Happy September 😊

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