Signs and wonders an article by Tessie Strawberry

The preacher man with a gun in one hand and the holy word in the other…

He’s plan was simple: divide then conquer. Firstly, he preached the message of devoting to one supreme being who adores the entire human race more than anything else and would move mountains to keep it a float. The crowd was blown away, never had they heard of such love.

Secondly he emphasised that they love their neighbours as much as they love their mothers.

That was it, he had loaded two bullets into his revolver and played Russian roulette with their hearts.

The preacher man spoke with the voice of cheetah. The words bolted over his tongue and out of his mouth, it was utterly impossible to catch up with all his cheat. Once the crowd tooks their sits in those dirty pews, stained with blood and infidelity, their desire to harm cause harm to one another grew stronger.

Brothers turned against brothers, they raised their fist against, desecrated the house of their father and stripped the crown of honor off their mothers. The preacher man took a glance over his shoulder to see just what he had done. He gave a satisfying smirk and run away with their gold.

The preacher man came with a gun in one hand and the holy word in the other, he played a game of Russian roulette with a silver Revolver that he called ‘the gospel’. He left them in the hands of his victims in exchange for their fortune.

This is a very controversial topic and I have been completing all day whether or not I should publish this article. But then I thought, “why not try something completely out of my comfort zone and see the world from a different perspective?”

So here is ‘signs and wonders’ an article based on the veiw of the impact of religion on the African continent.

I appreciate your support and respect your opinions. Please let me know those thoughts in comments section or you can contact me via email at Like the article if you liked it and feel free to share it and see what others think about it too ❤️

Writ – fully Tessie.

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