The Art of healing and grieving

They will tell you that time heals every scar and not hand you a ‘second’ shaped bandaid to patch it up.

They will tell you to take it a day at time and not tell how much of it you should take. When you take too much, it will start to eat up your joy and sanity.

And then the worst happens, you lose your mind hoping that they will understand that its just part of the phase instead, they judge you. Because they have set a standard on how everyone should grieve and we, are expected to follow it. However, that isn’t how the act of grieving and healing works. The processes might be the same but for each heart there is a different melody to which it plays. Others heal quickly while others take longer. In the end we all get somewhere with our pain.

Grieving is an art that can not be taught to us by anybody but ourselves. Take as time as you want to master it.

Published by tessiestrawberry

A lover of art 💜💜

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