A story of love

They were words not spoken.

They were thoughts unimagined.

To hide them was inevitable, for you could see them written on his face, you could hear them in his voice.

They were smiles faked.Memories disgraced.

One could only hope for the best.

They were fears ready to be felt.

scars of his heart mapped out his deepest desire,

his only flaw.

The desire to be loved,

To perceived human despite his imperfections.

He was aware of his needs and so he hid. Behind the image of strong man who’s heart could not be shaken.

Until she came along.

She was a breath waiting to be released from his lungs.

A wish he never made.

She goes with the wind.

She is reckless and wild.

She desired not to be loved but to be worshipped.

To be treated with extreme adoration, respect and fear.

For she was once a dream, hope that he could hold on to, a faith he devoted himself to.

He let no one defy the power that lay in her eyes. For she was a goddess in his. A single glare could either crush your soul or build your ego. In his eyes she could command mountains to bow and seas to roar. For he saw no reason for every element of nature to be at her beck and call.

She was wild fire burning with contempt towa a need to be loved and only his arrow curved by the spirits of fountain of desire that could extinguish her.

Published by tessiestrawberry

A lover of art ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

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