The October sun set and made way for a new moon.

She glowed with a new light and sent sweet zephyrs through the atmosphere.I marvelled at her from the edge of my window, what a magnificent sight she was.

She beamed her light at me and I felt kiss of peace on my forehead

. I smiled from ear to ear knowing that the end of the year was near.

It feels like only a week ago we counted down to year. The past ten months have been beautiful and overwhelming at the same time. So much has happened all over the world. We lost a few friends on the way and made some new ones. We lost loved ones at a time that we did not anticipate but we got to welcome some people to the world. There have been mental breakdowns, there have been tears, there have been sleepless nights, there has been healing and countless relapses. Still there is hope.

I want my November peaceful, how would you like yours?


Published by tessiestrawberry

A lover of art 💜💜

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