Just us Two

It was love at first sight

An attraction unfounded a bond not to be broken.

It was a pathetic cluster of heartbreaks mended in hope.

It was unscripted and raw.

It was me and it was you.

It was just us two.

Two pairs of eyes reading each other

Two ears hearing each heart beat

Two long breaths of trust before we held hands and walked down the tight rope.

There was you and there was me.

Scared to love yet crazy enough to try it.

It was just us two.

Me and you

Two years of “I love you”,twice as much

Two years of “I hate you, less”

Two years of knowing all there is and isn’t.

Two years past the infatuation stage.

Two years heading to the honeymoon

Two years of building new habits and breaking old ones

To years and more of me and you

To cherishing the love of just us two.

Published by tessiestrawberry

A lover of art πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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