Nights like This

I want to live to more nights like this.

Nights with you close to me ear whispering the sweetest words of nothing.

Nights when the wind blows gently and the stars shine bright.

Nights when you and I can sit beside a warm fire and just talk.

Nights where the only thing that mattered was how much wine we had left before we slept

Nights quiet enough to hear the crickets chirp and the fire crackle .

Nights of love and burning passion.

Nights for lonely hearts and growing pains. Nights like this

It’s nights like these that I wish to seize, to hold so close and live with every breath I give.

On nights like this I hope, to stay close to you and nobody else… For when the night calls for a little fright I know you will be here to hold me tight and kiss me goodnight.

Published by tessiestrawberry

A lover of art 💜💜

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