I will rise as glorious and hot as the summer sun.
I will rise with an illumination of greatness in this society filled with so much broken esteem.
I will rise and show my mother’s sons and daughters that they are worth is not and should never be defined by their possessions. With wings like an Eagle I will soar over the turbulence set by tradition and break through the streak of limitation that my fathers have built.
I will rise out of the mountain insecurities and anxiety that my peers have helped me build.

I will not be defined by the shade of my skin nor the colours of my hair. For I am me. I am breath of he who is, who was and is to come. I carry an entire generation in the envelope of my being.
I am Earth.
Like a phoenix from the ashes I will rise and shake the dust off my shoulders. I will walk with my head held high despite my faults.

Dear beautiful black child this your time to rise. This is your time to take up space and let the world power that lies in depths of you. Always remember you are amazing and there’s nothing that can hold you down forever.

Published by tessiestrawberry

A lover of art 💜💜

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