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Love’s Last Dance

I don’t know how much time you and I have left together and in all honesty, I do not want to.
Because the truth is, we might not make it of here alive and so if we don’t, if this last time you and I get to be together, please take my hand and don’t let go.
Waltz with me in what might be the very last moment of our lives to the tune of a song our souls sing to each other.
For you know just as much as I do that we have nothing left to lose but time.
So why don’t we?


Like people who are not afraid to lose it all, because we are not.

Hold on tight to me as we move to the tune the time, the little bits of it that we have left.
Keep your eyes locked on mine as I hold on to this memory that I won’t live to share.
To a moment that I hold on to with breath.

Dance with me lover


Published by tessie

I am everything that I choose to be but above all, I am a storyteller, a lover art in it's many forms. I am an artist as much as I am a work of art. I will always cherish this passion for it is who I am.

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