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Sunrise 🌅 [A poem by Phanuel Ayelum]

The city is awakening The sound of early vehicles echoes across the streets The sun is rising School children already up on their feet At sunrise The sun beams a golden trail on the cold misty road Fine beams flash through the woods Such a beauty to behold Everything is as it should At sunriseContinue reading “Sunrise 🌅 [A poem by Phanuel Ayelum]”

Great things start with coffee (#Coffee up)

Wake up, Breathe, Realise there is much to breathe for. Get up, Step out, And in the moment that you are out that door, Smile. Uphold yourself in glamour, Freshen up, Recognize your beauty past looking glass in the mirror, And now, Yeap, you guessed it, #Coffee up Ahh! The energy, The drive, The poetry,Continue reading “Great things start with coffee (#Coffee up)”

The beauty in poetry

Writing is artistic. This simple phrase is what drives the written studios family. Writing is awesome and amazing. Poetry is only but a blade of grass in this diverse field of written art. Poetry however has this distinctive touch that makes it drive thoughts in one’s own mind. Thoughts that very often wouldn’t be triggeredContinue reading “The beauty in poetry”