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With love from me to me

A love letter from myself for myself and to myself Dear Nandi You are everything that you didn’t think you would be when your grow up. Maybe that’s because you didn’t know the truth back then. That life, happens and sometimes things fall apart just to fall in place. I want you to know thatContinue reading “With love from me to me”

After The Dust

when the last tear’s been shed, and the last speech has been read and we finally lay you to bed. I will carry with me the memories we made, the stories you told me, the laughter we shared, the lessons I learnt when all has been said and done I will remember how brave youContinue reading “After The Dust”

Passing Time (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

Because time waits for none, I will wait in its place – To see you someday, If it is permitted by grace. With utmost patience; I will look up to the sky, I’ll write poems for and about you, With the tears of my cry. I will play your favourite tunes, In hopes that youContinue reading “Passing Time (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)”


Ndakusowa.Ndikufuna kukuwonaninso. Ndikufuna kukhalanso m’manja mwanukumva kutentha kwa kukumbatira kwanu. Ndakusowa kwambiri, Ambuya. Grandma’s hugs have always been the warmest. Her laugh, is the most cheerful I’ve ever heard. Her hands, though small, hold up an entire family. Her love waters each until it was rooted steadily and even then, she does not stop. AContinue reading “AMBUYA (GRANDMA)”


Hey love, Breathe with me. Inhale the good, Exhale the bad. Good… You’re doing great. Now let’s try that again. This time, feel the air shift through your lungs, connect yourself to your environment. Now feel the gentle touch of light on your skin. Hold it. Now, LET GO. Let go of all the feelingsContinue reading “BREATHE”

My Father’s Love (reimagined)

It was everything to him, to both of them, the good and the bad. The victories and the failures. The fights, The heartbreaks, The first date, The first school and job interviews The driving lesson and the first speeding ticket. It’s the love between a father and his daughter. A love like no other aContinue reading “My Father’s Love (reimagined)”

Daddy’s Girl always and forever

She was his A clear cut of his sarcastic personality and charisma. His amusingly ingenious wit, His tenacity, Not forgetting his eyes and annoying laughter. She was everything he wanted better than and what he ever expected. She was not only his daughter. She was his friend, his business partner and his wing woman. ToContinue reading “Daddy’s Girl always and forever”


In the most chilling silence, I heard her lamentations Quietly screaming out of her tears that she thought no could hear. In the silence she carefully let her walls break, brick by brick… She slowly unzipped herself out of her strong suit and poured out her fears soundly. She gently muffled her pillow over herContinue reading “IN THE SILENCE”


Love me slowly day by day and night after night. Hold me tightly as you walk me through the dark. Be my light My night in shining armour. Don’t hold it in Breathe it out, the passion that you feel brewing within. Carry me gently with words of kindness, my heart is too fragile soContinue reading “LOVE ME OUT LOUD ๐Ÿ’‹”