Signs and wonders an article by Tessie Strawberry

The preacher man with a gun in one hand and the holy word in the other… He’s plan was simple: divide then conquer. Firstly, he preached the message of devoting to one supreme being who adores the entire human race more than anything else and would move mountains to keep it a float. The crowdContinue reading “Signs and wonders an article by Tessie Strawberry”

Premier Amour.

Seeing that this is the first day in the month of love, I decided to focus on this four lettered feeling and share what I feel is note to my minnie me one day in the near future. Our mothers have always been our first love. Their journies of learning to love have not been the easiest but they choose to keep going and see what unfolds.
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Lots of love and happy new month. 🤗

Walking the tight rope

Chapter one It’s been seven years since we started dating. A few weeks ago, we discovered we were pregnant. I was over the moon when I found out and I just hoped Charles would be too. However, his reaction was one I never anticipated, he was furious. _” You can’t be pregnant, Tia. I’m notContinue reading “Walking the tight rope”

An Anthem (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

“I” Is a letter “I” Is a word And I, I am word, Uttered by the poetic force That uttered words in a word! I Am artistic. Not because of the poetry, Not because of the music, But because my existence Originates from something much bigger Than present day logic. I Am the completion OfContinue reading “An Anthem (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)”

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