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Midnight thoughts 1

LET THERE BE LIGHT. Let there be light. Out of the crooked dark corners in which you hide. Out of pit of shame that you have fallen Out of that lonesome valley and through the tunnel, Let there be light! Long you have waited and you have prayed for the sun to shine yet youContinue reading “Midnight thoughts 1”

I Don’t Want To Be That

I don’t want to be another girl that was accepted by everyone else because she suppressed who she was to fit in. I don’t want to be just another character in the narrative. A pityful story of how unfair the world is. A conversation that no one is ready to have because its just TOOContinue reading “I Don’t Want To Be That”

To Be That Girl

Can I be more like her?Can I walk into a room and capture everyone’s attention?Can I fearlessly look at the world and tell it I’m not afraid like she does?Can I speak with my voice and be heard?Just like her,That girl that sits in the back of my mind waiting for her release from thisContinue reading “To Be That Girl”


Ndakusowa.Ndikufuna kukuwonaninso. Ndikufuna kukhalanso m’manja mwanukumva kutentha kwa kukumbatira kwanu. Ndakusowa kwambiri, Ambuya. Grandma’s hugs have always been the warmest. Her laugh, is the most cheerful I’ve ever heard. Her hands, though small, hold up an entire family. Her love waters each until it was rooted steadily and even then, she does not stop. AContinue reading “AMBUYA (GRANDMA)”

My Father’s Love (reimagined)

It was everything to him, to both of them, the good and the bad. The victories and the failures. The fights, The heartbreaks, The first date, The first school and job interviews The driving lesson and the first speeding ticket. It’s the love between a father and his daughter. A love like no other aContinue reading “My Father’s Love (reimagined)”

Nights like This

I want to live to more nights like this. Nights with you close to me ear whispering the sweetest words of nothing. Nights when the wind blows gently and the stars shine bright. Nights when you and I can sit beside a warm fire and just talk. Nights where the only thing that mattered wasContinue reading “Nights like This”

A story of love

They were words not spoken. They were thoughts unimagined. To hide them was inevitable, for you could see them written on his face, you could hear them in his voice. They were smiles faked.Memories disgraced. One could only hope for the best. They were fears ready to be felt. scars of his heart mapped outContinue reading “A story of love”

Signs and wonders an article by Tessie Strawberry

The preacher man with a gun in one hand and the holy word in the other… He’s plan was simple: divide then conquer. Firstly, he preached the message of devoting to one supreme being who adores the entire human race more than anything else and would move mountains to keep it a float. The crowdContinue reading “Signs and wonders an article by Tessie Strawberry”