Writing again (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

I’ve been lost; Lost in the abyss. Devoid of words, Pardon my absence! I was trapped; In the shackles of procrastination, Locked in a room that hindered- All forms of imagination. I was kidnapped; Carried away to the land of the sloths, Where either laziness or mediocrity reign, At times, it’s a fine combination ofContinue reading “Writing again (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)”

Worse Words (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

Pain was cutting deep; So I wrote poems to send it all to sleep. Rage was coursing through my veins; So I wrote poems to suppress the pain. Darkness was the definition of my nights; So I wrote poems to bring out a little light. But sour, was the taste of my words; And theContinue reading “Worse Words (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)”

Silence (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

Silent, Listen, Two words of the same letters. We do not speak of one Without mention of the other. By: Phanuel Ayelum. Like this poem if you liked it, Share and feel free to drop a comment… You can email me at phanuelayelum1@gmail.com Or follow me on social media in the links below : Twitter|Facebook|Instagram|Pinterest

Cosmic Flaw(A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

I am what happens; When the universe errors, When time makes mistakes And unapologetically moves further. I am what happens; When two rights make a wrong, When error meets perfection And the meeting carries on. I am what happens; When music gets off pitch, When harmony turns to noise, Catastrophe is my niche. I amContinue reading “Cosmic Flaw(A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)”

That bubbly feeling

I can’t stop smiling each time I hear one of your favourite songs play on the radio. I must confess my days have been the best ever since you found yourself in my life. The butterflies in my tummy sting like bees. My eyes are itching to you again and my skin yerns to beContinue reading “That bubbly feeling”

Poetic goose chase (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

I’m looking for a poem; Somewhere inside me, Where my emotions Exist as words of poetry. I’m looking for a poem; In my mind I hold a phrase, Do I dare search deeper- In my minds labyrinthine haze? I’m looking for a poem; Deep in my minds thoughty mess, Past the thoughtless thoughts, And ideasContinue reading “Poetic goose chase (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)”

Missing not missing (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

These memories I keep- Keep keeping me awake, Making it hard for me to sleep Perhaps making them was a mistake. Sudden flashes of your face; Like lightning bolts in a sky, Momentary brightness Illuminating how you said goodbye. Pain to the pen; With the ink of my tears. Imagery of not seeing you againContinue reading “Missing not missing (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)”

Into the void (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

Into the void; I toss my body. Only but a leap of faith- In the hands of gravity. Into the void; I place my mind. That I may recreate All that I hold inside. Into the void; I shout and scream, My echoes return, In poetic scheme. Into the void; I pour my love. IContinue reading “Into the void (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)”

Natural disaster (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

Chirping birds, Swaying trees, Nature at its best I observe with ease. Raging winds, Twirling sand, Hidden inspiration If I could only understand. Mother Nature; Bore us all, Yet we are the reason, She starts to fall. Shame on man, Woman too. For our kind is the reason, Its end is due. By : PhanuelContinue reading “Natural disaster (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)”

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