I’m fine…I say it smile so that it sounds more convincing.“I’m fine! “I’ll probably chuckle just to make sure you don’t see the tears hiding this plastic smile that I have worn for so long. I have forgotten what my smile looks like.But I’m fine…You don’t need to ask me twice.I made it clear theContinue reading “I’M FINE, THANKS FOR ASKING”

Bleeding Words

I’ve written them not because I couldn’t say them, But because I was afraid to say it all. I wrote them because I was afraid no one would believe the words coming out of my mouth. I wrote the sorrows of my heart in black and white. I wore a plastic smile that I couldContinue reading “Bleeding Words”

Mama’s Hands

Mama’s hands Held me up in prayer. Mama’s hands moved mountains and opened doors for me. Mama’s hands changed my dirty clothes and washed them clean. Mama’s hands served me every meal, day and night.Mama’s hands cautioned me. Pushed towards my fears and shielded me against the flaming arrows. Mama’s hands dispensed her love, aContinue reading “Mama’s Hands”


“Grandpa, please tell me a story”. She asked softly as her big round stared deep into his face.”a story, huh”, his response was enthusiastic, one could tell he had a good story cooking up. “well,once upon a time, my wee one ” he started the story with a smile. The kind of smile that youContinue reading “THE GODESS OF DREAMS🌃”

Daddy’s Girl always and forever

She was his A clear cut of his sarcastic personality and charisma. His amusingly ingenious wit, His tenacity, Not forgetting his eyes and annoying laughter. She was everything he wanted better than and what he ever expected. She was not only his daughter. She was his friend, his business partner and his wing woman. ToContinue reading “Daddy’s Girl always and forever”


In the most chilling silence, I heard her lamentations Quietly screaming out of her tears that she thought no could hear. In the silence she carefully let her walls break, brick by brick… She slowly unzipped herself out of her strong suit and poured out her fears soundly. She gently muffled her pillow over herContinue reading “IN THE SILENCE”

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