Imagine A Nation. (imagine-nation)

Five steps back through time when a single thought was ignited in a fifteen year old mind.It was the thought to speak. Not be heard or be seen but to be read. It was a thought to create a population who could decipher what laid between the lines. It was a nation founded in thisContinue reading “Imagine A Nation. (imagine-nation)”

What Once Was

He didn’t have to say anythingHe’s eyes had already all the talking. They projected his anger and disappointment. She broke this gentle giants heart without much effort. A lifetime of trust broken in split second.She held no remorse for her actions and found pleasure in his pain. In his brokeness he dragged his body toContinue reading “What Once Was”


A life beyond these four white walls. An awaking that I yearned for. The kiss of the sun on my skin. The gentle breeze making love to my hair freeing me of my contempt. I broke through the chains that held me down to my bed and ran to the hills. I laid on myContinue reading “A PIECE OF HEAVEN”

Show me a sign

I bowed to my knees and kept my eyes up to heaven, waiting to hear you speak to me. Down in an old town church hearing nothing but my tears hit the ground. While my head leaned against the pews, I felt a surge of stillness and then I felt it slice through my soulContinue reading “Show me a sign”

Home is a feeling

Home was once stranger an empty building without any memories. It’s walls were intact, doors and windows too. As time went by, home became a friend, it started to fill up with laughter and wine stains on the carpet. Finally home became a part of me I never knew I had. It reflected my insightContinue reading “Home is a feeling”


My little feet carried me far away from home, from safety and comfort. A gush of wind blew and shut my ears, all I could hear was my foolish heart straying me to the valley of misery. The grass grew thicker and taller, the air around me was as cold as the hand of deathContinue reading “SAVED”


I had been told that the path I have chosen was not for the fainthearted. They said I would only ever be perceived as an obstacle of justice but woe was me, whose tenacity deceived me that I was going to be the voiceless for the voiceless, an instrument of change a vital solution toContinue reading “DON’T SHOOT!!”

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