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The Beauty Within

The glare of light cut right through her fears and exposed a self that she did not want the world to know.

A vessel that felt incomplete was finally mended.

Every crack was filled with truth and a new beauty shones from within.

A skin scared with but still beautiful. A soul that had drugged through the mud a thousand times and yet she stood proud with her head held high. Because at this point no one could tell her who she was but her.


Little Happy Thoughts

You drive me crazy and I love it.

It reminds me so much of what it means to be free.

You take me to different worlds around me. Places I wouldn’t see without you.

You make me happy.

Like Pooh with a bowl of honey.

Me llevas a diferentes mundos a mi alrededor. Lugares que no verĂ­a sin ti.

Love’s Last Dance

I don’t know how much time you and I have left together and in all honesty, I do not want to.
Because the truth is, we might not make it of here alive and so if we don’t, if this last time you and I get to be together, please take my hand and don’t let go.
Waltz with me in what might be the very last moment of our lives to the tune of a song our souls sing to each other.
For you know just as much as I do that we have nothing left to lose but time.
So why don’t we?


Like people who are not afraid to lose it all, because we are not.

Hold on tight to me as we move to the tune the time, the little bits of it that we have left.
Keep your eyes locked on mine as I hold on to this memory that I won’t live to share.
To a moment that I hold on to with breath.

Dance with me lover

Pain (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

Pain is a muse;

She has inspired me more times than I can count.

She has driven me beyond the bounds of my capacity,

And when pain hit too hard, she even inspired a way out.

Pain is my dear friend;

We have our good times and the opposite.

And sometimes she makes a painful point

But I’d never dare to oppose it.

Pain has a tendency;

To leave quickly and unannounced.

Never staying too long

Before she’s no longer around.

But pain is like a boomerang;

She always comes back to me.

No matter how far she goes,

She always comes back eventually.


Slowly but certainly (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

Slowly but certainly;

Your voice fades in the distance.

Soon you’ll be only a memory

Of a once glorified instance.

Slowly but certainly;

Time erases your trace.

Still I hold on dearly –

To the memory of your face.


As it were. (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

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Once upon a time –

I wrote ever so fiercely.

Directly from my heart,

I wrote beautiful poetry.

I know not how I did it

But I wish to do it yet again.

To revive my heart,

And awake my brain.

To be who I once was –

Taking dictation from the divine.

I wish to write for you,

These poems of mine.



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When I close my eyes to pray, I ask God to open my eyes and help me see past the ordinary

I plead for mercy on my knees that I may be able to stand before men and defend my belief.

I cry out for comfort to allaviate the pain that I am feeling.

When I pray. It’s not just a casual activity that is part of my day, it is an investment from the present into the future.

So I pray


I’m fine…
I say it smile so that it sounds more convincing.
“I’m fine! “
I’ll probably chuckle just to make sure you don’t see the tears hiding this plastic smile that I have worn for so long. I have forgotten what my smile looks like.
But I’m fine…
You don’t need to ask me twice.
I made it clear the first time, everything is A-OK!
I’m fine.
Even if my voice is cracking right now and a stream of tears is flowing down my cheeks.
I’m fine and I couldn’t be better.


Black Girl Magic

The way I puff my afro.
The way I pout my lips and smile.
It’s in the way I walk
The way I talk
How loud I laugh and how silently I cry
It’s who I am. What you don’t see.
It’s my energy
My spirit
My light shining from the inside – out.

Let the strength of your energy turn the hearts of man.
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