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With love from me to me

A love letter from myself for myself and to myself Dear Nandi You are everything that you didn’t think you would be when your grow up. Maybe that’s because you didn’t know the truth back then. That life, happens and sometimes things fall apart just to fall in place. I want you to know thatContinue reading “With love from me to me”

Black Girl Magic

The way I puff my afro.The way I pout my lips and smile.It’s in the way I walkThe way I talkHow loud I laugh and how silently I cryIt’s who I am. What you don’t see.It’s my energyMy spiritMy light shining from the inside – out.

I in art (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

My violin  Is a tool With which I make my emotions  More audible to you  My pencil  Is a wand For placing my imagination  Magically before my hand My keyboard  Is the technology  That allows me to plug my thoughts Into your mind effectively  And my pen  Is a mirror  That allows me to seeContinue reading “I in art (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)”