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With love from me to me

A love letter from myself for myself and to myself Dear Nandi You are everything that you didn’t think you would be when your grow up. Maybe that’s because you didn’t know the truth back then. That life, happens and sometimes things fall apart just to fall in place. I want you to know thatContinue reading “With love from me to me”

Petals Bleed (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

The poetry of the roseIs of beauty and pain.Tempting to the touch,Till blood lays the stain. Perspective is everythingFor many won’t see her good.In the aftermath of her lover’s hurtShe is often misunderstood. Beauty is a blessing,And a curse indeed.For when you feel the pain-It’s really the petals that bleed. By: Phanuel Ayelum.

Incomplety That Girl

This girl plays it safe, sits on the fence, while everyone gets their hands dirty.This girl can’t take a risk. She is too dream of everything she could be.This girl knows how to fake it.She wears her smile so well, you can’t tell it’s plastic not even the hottest truth can melt it.This girl isContinue reading “Incomplety That Girl”

Little Happy Thoughts

You drive me crazy and I love it. It reminds me so much of what it means to be free. You take me to different worlds around me. Places I wouldn’t see without you. You make me happy. Like Pooh with a bowl of honey. Me llevas a diferentes mundos a mi alrededor. Lugares queContinue reading “Little Happy Thoughts”

Love’s Last Dance

I don’t know how much time you and I have left together and in all honesty, I do not want to.Because the truth is, we might not make it of here alive and so if we don’t, if this last time you and I get to be together, please take my hand and don’t letContinue reading “Love’s Last Dance”

As it were. (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

Once upon a time – I wrote ever so fiercely. Directly from my heart, I wrote beautiful poetry. I know not how I did it – But I wish to do it yet again. To revive my heart, And awake my brain. To be who I once was – Taking dictation from the divine. IContinue reading “As it were. (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)”

Bleeding Words

I’ve written them not because I couldn’t say them, But because I was afraid to say it all. I wrote them because I was afraid no one would believe the words coming out of my mouth. I wrote the sorrows of my heart in black and white. I wore a plastic smile that I couldContinue reading “Bleeding Words”