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As it were. (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

Once upon a time – I wrote ever so fiercely. Directly from my heart, I wrote beautiful poetry. I know not how I did it – But I wish to do it yet again. To revive my heart, And awake my brain. To be who I once was – Taking dictation from the divine. IContinue reading “As it were. (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)”


The Art of The Mask

Wear it so well and nobody will know the lies that hide behind your smile.Cover the bruises with some make up, nobody has time to hear your sob story.Tell everyone you’re fine. You will start to believe it, eventually. Now that you have worn your mask, do not take it off. For when they seeContinue reading “The Art of The Mask”


Hey love, Breathe with me. Inhale the good, Exhale the bad. Good… You’re doing great. Now let’s try that again. This time, feel the air shift through your lungs, connect yourself to your environment. Now feel the gentle touch of light on your skin. Hold it. Now, LET GO. Let go of all the feelingsContinue reading “BREATHE”


She is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. A streak of colour on a grey canvas. She is the voice of the women that came before her. The force of determination tearing at the seams. Breaking the narrative thus changing the story. She is strong and yet so gentle. Her touch, though delicateContinue reading “SHE IS WOMAN”


In the most chilling silence, I heard her lamentations Quietly screaming out of her tears that she thought no could hear. In the silence she carefully let her walls break, brick by brick… She slowly unzipped herself out of her strong suit and poured out her fears soundly. She gently muffled her pillow over herContinue reading “IN THE SILENCE”

The Beauty Within

The glare of light cut right through her fears and exposed a self that she did not want the world to know. Her incompleteness was finally mended. Even though the cracks in her face can still be seen, a new beauty shines from within. I’ve got a place within myself that screams acceptance. That meansContinue reading “The Beauty Within”