The Nameless poem (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

I stared at it- An empty space Asking for a title, It stared back at my face! A nameless set of words; Awaiting the touch of identity Something I didn’t have Made me question my creativity. And then- It finally came to me, It was cool and composed Catchy and witty. Although it was- ComparativelyContinue reading “The Nameless poem (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)”

Her Words (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

“Live as a poem; In the pages of my life. Spare me the recitals- Live as what you write. Live as a poem; In the fabric of my spacetime. Keep the connection And don’t ruin the rhyme. Let your actions; Speak louder than your poems. Live by what you say to me- Live as myContinue reading “Her Words (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)”

The poem that got away (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

I had this great idea; For a great blog post. But I forgot to jot it down And now that idea is lost… I need a habit; Of writing my thoughts- My pen will be my companion, One that fits in my coat. But for now; I must wander around my mind Constantly searching- ForContinue reading “The poem that got away (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)”

Live now? (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

I’ve found it immensely difficult- To live in the present. My body may be fixed in this time; Yet my mind serenely wanders past future events! I would love- To spend more time in the “now” Perhaps I’ll do so in the future; But at the moment, I just can’t figure out how. By :Continue reading “Live now? (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)”

September the 1st (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

Having fallen deep- Into the procrastinators habits, I’ve decided to leave this hole To the rabbits. I’ve awaited inspiration- Long enough. It’s about time I got up And scribbled some stuff. I’ve successfully forced A creativity outburst! When all I wanted to say was Happy September the first!!! By : Phanuel Ayelum.

Riddling Trust (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

What am I? I am difficult to build; Yet easily killed, Hard to establish- But can quickly vanish, Patience, is my root And impatience, a poisoned fruit. What am I? Can rise higher than skyscrapers; With fragility that can return me to dust. I don’t suppose this riddle has a better answer Than the wordContinue reading “Riddling Trust (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)”

In his eyes (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

She could write; She could sing, She could do- Anything! A fortress of thought; Was her mind- When lost in thought, She was hard to find. A limitless heart; A boundless soul. In his eyes she was- The best of them all! By: Phanuel Ayelum. ❤❤❤ Like this post if you liked it, Share andContinue reading “In his eyes (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)”

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