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To Be That Girl

Can I be more like her?Can I walk into a room and capture everyone’s attention?Can I fearlessly look at the world and tell it I’m not afraid like she does?Can I speak with my voice and be heard?Just like her,That girl that sits in the back of my mind waiting for her release from thisContinue reading “To Be That Girl”

Mama’s Hands

Mama’s hands Held me up in prayer. Mama’s hands moved mountains and opened doors for me. Mama’s hands changed my dirty clothes and washed them clean. Mama’s hands served me every meal, day and night.Mama’s hands cautioned me. Pushed towards my fears and shielded me against the flaming arrows. Mama’s hands dispensed her love, aContinue reading “Mama’s Hands”

The Art of The Mask

Wear it so well and nobody will know the lies that hide behind your smile.Cover the bruises with some make up, nobody has time to hear your sob story.Tell everyone you’re fine. You will start to believe it, eventually. Now that you have worn your mask, do not take it off. For when they seeContinue reading “The Art of The Mask”

My Father’s Love (reimagined)

It was everything to him, to both of them, the good and the bad. The victories and the failures. The fights, The heartbreaks, The first date, The first school and job interviews The driving lesson and the first speeding ticket. It’s the love between a father and his daughter. A love like no other aContinue reading “My Father’s Love (reimagined)”

Daddy’s Girl always and forever

She was his A clear cut of his sarcastic personality and charisma. His amusingly ingenious wit, His tenacity, Not forgetting his eyes and annoying laughter. She was everything he wanted better than and what he ever expected. She was not only his daughter. She was his friend, his business partner and his wing woman. ToContinue reading “Daddy’s Girl always and forever”


Love me slowly day by day and night after night. Hold me tightly as you walk me through the dark. Be my light My night in shining armour. Don’t hold it in Breathe it out, the passion that you feel brewing within. Carry me gently with words of kindness, my heart is too fragile soContinue reading “LOVE ME OUT LOUD πŸ’‹”