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To Be That Girl

Can I be more like her?Can I walk into a room and capture everyone’s attention?Can I fearlessly look at the world and tell it I’m not afraid like she does?Can I speak with my voice and be heard?Just like her,That girl that sits in the back of my mind waiting for her release from thisContinue reading “To Be That Girl”

The Beauty Within

The glare of light cut right through her fears and exposed a self that she did not want the world to know. A vessel that felt incomplete was finally mended. Every crack was filled with truth and a new beauty shones from within. A skin scared with but still beautiful. A soul that had druggedContinue reading “The Beauty Within”


Ndakusowa.Ndikufuna kukuwonaninso. Ndikufuna kukhalanso m’manja mwanukumva kutentha kwa kukumbatira kwanu. Ndakusowa kwambiri, Ambuya. Grandma’s hugs have always been the warmest. Her laugh, is the most cheerful I’ve ever heard. Her hands, though small, hold up an entire family. Her love waters each until it was rooted steadily and even then, she does not stop. AContinue reading “AMBUYA (GRANDMA)”


Out of her the world’s nations were birthed and from her our master’s kin was raised.She is queen who isn’t afraid to tilt her head and pick up the world’s broken pieces. She is the wind, whisking away yesterday’s chaos from the world. She is healing from today’s pain and joy for your sorrow.She isContinue reading “SHE IS THE WORLD”