Poetrauma! (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

An octave of your melody,

A stream of your words-

Dominates my thoughts,

Rules my world..

Words you uttered;

Engraved in time.

Haunt my nights-

In ghostly rhyme.

I mean a lot to you;

You mean everything to me.

Circumstance holds us apart,

However only temporarily.

My mind reminds me to forget you;

My heart feels otherwise.

It’s a dilemma of my organs!

My heart is known for telling lies.

I ought to stop thinking with my heart;

Cardiology isn’t intended for psychological purposes.

But to be honest;

I’ve never really understood biological sciences.

By: Phanuel Ayelum.

Published by Phanuel Ayelum

Written Studios is about our belief in the power of written art. We love to write and publish our work which includes short reads, long stories, poems and many other articles. Tag along and get amazed by the talent in our artists here at Written Studios.

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