Sometimes (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)

Sometimes it gets dark;

Sometimes it gets void.

Sometimes I feel fear

And at times I’m paranoid.

Sometimes I’m covered in rage;

Encased in pain

Sometimes I’m darker

Than the ink in my pen.

Sometimes I’m negative;

And positivity gets far out of reach.

Sometimes negative thoughts

Get the best of my speech.

Sometimes I’m not nice;

And my words turn sour.

Sometimes I’m hurtful

More the thorn than the flower.

Sometimes I’m not sweet;

And my bitterness creeps in.

Sometimes my sugars turn to salt.

Right beneath my skin.

You chose to see the beauty;

Neglected the flaws,

But living in denial of the truth-

Doesn’t make it false.

Sometimes, it still gets dark;

Sometimes, there’s only the abyss.

And sometimes that’s who I am;

Sometimes that’s all there is…..

By: Phanuel Ayelum.

Wow I missed writing so much, nearly thought I’d lost my touch!

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Published by Phanuel Ayelum

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