A letter from mama

Darling take my hand and join me on this dance floor. This dance floor called life. Allow me to take the lead for you still have two left feet like your father. Do not be afraid little one ,believe that voice in your heart as you bounce across the light like a little speck of dust. Do not get me wrong my love ,you are not dust. You my diamond in the rough. Shaking off the dust with every swish. Your shimmer is so blinding and yet so beautiful. I marvel at the rainbow that reflects in your eyes. Always walk with your held high for that is the only way your crown will rest upon your little sweet head. Darling, I know this will be frightening for you but I will be with you every step of way and when you fall, if fall, I will be there to pick you up and I will hold your hand and walk with you until you feel it is safe for me to let go. But even when my hands let go of yours in my heart I will forever hold on to you.

My love, live your dreams and make your mistakes for only then will you learn the tune that life plays. I will never stop from discovering who you are.

I will tell you this one thing, this world you see my love can be very deceiving so keep your eyes and mind open but in case you fall into it’s snares my shoulder will always be there for you to cry on.

Baby girl, do not let anybody make you feel like you are not worth it because my darling only heaven knows how priceless you are. You are priceless because you are cheap. Let no man tell you that. You are priceless because not even a thousand and thousand of the world’s treasure can compare to your worth.

I wrote letter to you to remind you of who you are lest you forget.

For now I will watch you grow into the great queen you are meant to be. keep your eyes locked on mine and together let us dance to the tune of life.

love always


Published by tessiestrawberry

A lover of art 💜💜

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