To-do list for any day (A poem by Phanuel Ayelum)


Perform an effortless sit-up,

Feet on the ground, stretching arms,

You’ve almost woken up.


Allow positivity to charge your imagination,

Recognize it’s a whole new day,

You have overcome disorientation


Beneficial morning exercise,

Be live, be alive, appreciate life,

For many have met their demise.

Freshen up;

Look alive, feel alive, smell alive,

Take a twenty minute shower,

Make that twenty-five!


And the mood is up,

Get ready for a great day,

Right after you empty that cup!

Blog it out;

Pour it off in words,

I love to share,

I’ll share myself with the world.


Maximize potential of the mind,

Sit in the silence,

Learn to unwind.


Look up a new post from Dreamer ❤

Interact with a blog, read a book

You might just get better!


Be a blessing in speech and deed,

Share positivity, give all you can,

Help someone in need.

Take a walk;

Watch the sunset in its place,

Frying in scarlet;

A marvel of poetic grace.

Be silly;

Be awkward,

Our time is short-lived,

You ought to keep moving forward!


Now rest,

And when you get back,

Be at your very best!

By : Phanuel Ayelum.

Well, that’s my to-do list for any day! Feel free to share yours in the comments or, add on to mine!


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