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Bleeding Words

I’ve written them

not because I couldn’t say them,

But because I was afraid to say it all.
I wrote them because I was afraid no one would believe the words coming out of my mouth.

I wrote the sorrows of my heart in black and white.

I wore a plastic smile that I could hide behind. But then the truth came and melted off my face .
The lies I told myself no longer worked so I kept bleeding through these words.

I let my myself spill and page of my story. A voice once caged and now freed. Speaking her mind.

Oh damn, that’s me.

I guess wounds heal faster when you let them bleed.


Published by tessie

I am everything that I choose to be but above all, I am a storyteller, a lover art in it's many forms. I am an artist as much as I am a work of art. I will always cherish this passion for it is who I am.

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