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I Don’t Want To Be That

I don’t want to be another girl that was accepted by everyone else because she suppressed who she was to fit in.

I don’t want to be just another character in the narrative.

A pityful story of how unfair the world is. A conversation that no one is ready to have because its just TOO MUCH

I want to be ME.

A rebellious movement against the limitations that anxiety set for me. A pain in perfection’s neck. A systematic error in the society’s face.

I want to be ME regardless of what the world says I can not be. I want to be a me that knows what I want and stands by it. I want to be ME that is strong, beautiful, and ambitious.

I want to be TOO MUCH and I am not going to let anything stop me.

This is the third and final part of the three part series entitled THAT GIRL. If you didn’t get the chance to read the first two segments, you can access them on our previous.

In this last segment, I wanted to capture story of every time I was told NO and I shouldn’t have been okay with it. The truth is that I felt I had to be because I didn’t see any other option. However, certain things are just meant for you and there will be so many negative voices against your attempt to break the system. So you just keep going, not for anyone else but you.

I hope you were enlightened by this series and I hope to hear your feedback on what thoughts in the comments section.

Lots of love

Tessie ❤️


Published by tessie

I am everything that I choose to be but above all, I am a storyteller, a lover art in it's many forms. I am an artist as much as I am a work of art. I will always cherish this passion for it is who I am.

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