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In the most chilling silence,

I heard her lamentations

Quietly screaming out of her tears that she thought no could hear.

In the silence she carefully let her walls break, brick by brick…

She slowly unzipped herself out of her strong suit and poured out her fears soundly.

She gently muffled her pillow over her face and let out a silent scream of anguish. She did this repeatedly until she felt heard by the four walls of her bedroom that surrounded her.

She then slowly picks up herself again piece by piece not leaving anything out of place. She finally glues it all with a loud plastic smile and a couple ‘I’m fine’ s here and there.

You don’t have to keep holding everything in waiting for a quiet moment where nobody can hear you pour your heart out. It’s okay to scream and let the world know you are having a rough day, it’s a part of being real.


Published by tessie

I am everything that I choose to be but above all, I am a storyteller, a lover art in it's many forms. I am an artist as much as I am a work of art. I will always cherish this passion for it is who I am.

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